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About Us


My name is William and I’m the President of Adrenaline Diesel Service. My main goal is to get you back on the road ASAP.

I have been around heavy equipment and trucks my whole life. In fact, I broke my leg at 5 years old helping my dad work an old Cab-Over..non existent now, haha!

I have actually ran a service truck on these same highways you are calling me about right now for 18 years.

I started running my first service truck at 14 and believe me, I got lots of criticism. But when I was done I was given lots of thanks and “sorry for doubting you”. By my age this is my life, all I have ever done and all I know. I owned a towing company for years. Still actually own a tow truck!

Half of the companies claim they have several tow trucks etc. or have drove service trucks. I’m honest and up front. I have one main full service truck with everything and another old service truck we built that has a Cummins in it that is for tire/light repairs, and do have a couple trucks in the works for the future.

We are a four employee company ready to get you back on the road!

Let us help you to help us grow bigger to help you in the future.


  • Lights

  • Turbos

  • Out of Fuel?

  • Filters

  • Sensors

  • Transmissions

  • Rear Ends

  • Drivelines

  • Tires

  • Wheel Bearings

  • Brakes

  • Air Compressors & More!

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